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About Us

Because we know just how hard it is to get the size.

About Us

Who We Are

Sunday Media I/S


Our Operation

Our team of experts of food, health and fitness source material and synthesize it into informative articles of use, guides and more to deliver tried and true methods of cooking and staying healthy and combine that with products that enable or enhance our visitors in their lifes.

Editorial Guidelines

At Sunday Media we employ a range of experts and blogging professionals to synthesize the flexible art of writing with the rock solid domain of facts about our niche. Additionally, the team utilizes AI to write out non-critical aspects of conveying information in a digestible manner such as, filler words, call to action, etc. Before publishing, every article is analyzed and corrected for potential spelling mistakes, fact checks and more. Before publishing the articles often have gone through multiple team members' observant scrutiny and can’t clearly be attributed to any single person. This is done in order to speed up workflow and to erase the possibility of blindspots by any individual editor having effect. These are the principles by which Sunday Media operate and we hope that you enjoy the fruitful labor of intense pursuit to best inform our visitors about our expertise.

It is a company policy to anonymize our workers, as per their own request resulting from a vote during one of our team meetings. We therefore attribute the articles to the “Sunday Media Team - Writers & Editors” department.


At Sunday Media we continually strive to perfect the information, the services, products, site and all other aspects of Sunday Media. Internally these questions are at the forefront when analyzing our operation in the pursuit of this ambition. The team can only do so much, and the information gathered from the thousands of critiques (visitors) use our service daily, what better way to find relevant corrections to our business than to survey the people who interact with our service on a daily basis. Therefore, we ask all of you to post any critique or comment, positive or negative, directly to our team, such that we can process them, create a solution and structure our updates in a relevant and effective manner.

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